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TELES.iSWITCH is a high-end scalable class 4 and 5 public switching infrastructure solution which offers versatile pay-as-you-grow investment suitable for a number of different business cases.
And unlike some systems which require weeks and months of training for proper installation, iSWITCH's intuitive interface is the last word in simple installation, administration, monitoring and maintenance.

// Features

Modular hardware and software architecture allows for a real “pay-as-you-grow” scenario with multiple upgrade paths to add new functionality and increase system capacity.
Different chassis models – with a comprehensive range of hardware options and an innovative, flexible software licensing scheme – make it possible to create a system tailored to your budget and your enterprise needs.
Decades of TELES know-how and close market interaction have helped make the software options on offer the full-featured toolkits that they are.

In an increasingly deregulated telecoms world, TELES.iSWITCH is an extremely affordable yet high performance solution which enables lucrative new revenues in a number of different telecom segments.
Integrate VoIP, TDM, prepaid and calling card services, multiple call-by-call scenarios, internet access and media gateway functionality into your local switches or implement transit switching for long distance service.
Offer VoIP telephony to customers or simply make cost savings on expensive interconnection fees.
With TELES.iSWITCH you have all of the information necessary for traffic monitoring, load distribution checking and connection quality at your disposal.
Call Data Records are constantly written to your database, ensuring that all your customer billing information needs are met.

// Solutions

TELES.iSWITCH is a versatile local and transit switching solution which supports the wide array of available signaling protocol options (for example, Q.767, ISUP V2, national SS7, SSUTR2, DSS1, QSIF, NI 1-bc USA, H.323, SIP, NCS as well as RADIUS for network access and IP mobility applications and QoS for network traffic management classification).
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