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Our products are well known in European Telecommunications market and are comprised from a variety of Carrier Class NGN Networks, TDM Voice Switches, VoIP Gateways, GSM Gateways, Prepaid Platforms and Least Cost Routers.

The systems are price competitive and easy to install, operate and maintain, providing a huge list of services and gives operator the ability to minimize its operational costs.
Only one day is enough to install and bring into service a voice switch with 64 SS7 E1s!
However, among the greatest advantages of our products is the unrivalled quality of voice services, as well as the minimum training needed for the technical staff.

The 50% of telecommunication Carriers and Operators have chosen our products and services in Greece giving us the advantage to obtain deep knowledge for the needs of a new telecommunication market and business.

After all this experience from the European and especially the Greek telecommunication market - which was liberated in 2000 - we feel confident to provide you with the state of the art products and services.

We can be YOUR GUIDE
in the world of telecoms!
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